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Wood burning stoves

Choose from quality Czech AmbiFire wood burning stoves.

Features of AmbiFire wood burning stoves

Heat storage

The wood burning stoves feature elements that can absorb heat when there is fire burning inside. Even after the flame goes out, the heat can be radiated into the room for hours.

External air supply

The stove allows the supply of outside air, or air from another room (e.g. outside the living space). Thanks to the external air supply, the stove will not consume the warm air in the heated room. The external supply opening is usually located at the back of the stove.

Secondary burn

The preheated air is drawn over the flame, which helps burn the gases from the primary burn. Conventional stoves remove these gases without further use. During tertiary burn, the primary gases are burned again, resulting in longer burning, lower emissions and less ash. This will save not only fuel, but also money.

Tertiary burn

Additional air is drawn over the fire in the stove, using a system of openings in the upper or rear part. This air is preheated during the supply and further supports the secondary burn. This increases the efficiency of the stove, reduces emissions and prolongs the burning time. This will save fuel, there will be less ash and it will also be beneficial for the environment. 

Pay attention to hoods and heat recovery systems

Is your household equipped with heat recovery, or is there a strong hood in the room with the stove? If there is a fire in the stove and you switch on the hood or heat recovery, the pressure in the stove may be suppressed. The stove can then start smoking into the room during its operation.

FREE delivery

  • We will deliver our wood burning stoves to you completely FREE OF CHARGE.
  • All basic types are available in stock.
  • We deliver the stoves within 1 week of paying for the order. 
  • If you are in a hurry, you can pick them up from us in person.

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