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a few words about our mission. 

We believe that stove should be easy to operate, being beautiful part of any interior and friendly to the enviroment we live in. AmbiFire range has it all! We use latest industry knowledge to bring you exeptional product into your house with bonus of 10 years limited warranty. Our stoves have been designed by famous designers to provide you everyday joyness to watch them burn fire in.











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Why should I buy AmbiFire stove? 

AmbiFire stoves are manufactured using most modern technical and technological standards with use of most durable materials and focus on design of today's interiors. As a proof we offer 10 years limited varanty on all of our products.


 Where can I buy AmbiFire stove?

AmbiFire stoves are available through our network of specialized retailers which we will share with you by e-mail. We strongly recommend not to buy our produts on any internet shop.


What type of stove do I exacly need?

Most important criteria's aresize of heated space, level of house izolation, reguested room temperature and design. We would be happy to help you to choose right product for you.




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