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Passion Unleashed

Musca FG Wood Burning Stove

Are you looking for a reliable design stove for a low-energy house?

Musca FG wood burning stove boasts an original elliptical shape, a hidden integrated handle and a self-closing door system. The elegant glass sliding wood drawer is a practical and design component. The stove can handle 50 cm logs without any problems.

3 biggest advantages

  • It has an original elliptical shape.
  • It is provided with an elegant glass sliding wood drawer to store accessories.
  • The great design is underlined by a hidden integrated handle.

How much space can it heat up?

This wood burning stove heats up about 200 m3 – this applies to a normally insulated bungalow (the most common type of new house), with a thermal comfort of 21 °C and an average output of 7 kW.


How often can you use it?

  • This wood burning stove serves as an additional source of heat.
  • The stove is not intended for 24/7 operation.
  • During the summer months, we recommend regular service, maintenance and cleaning – chimney, firebox, stove.

Stove control

The stove is provided with a unique Airbox control system. Both primary and secondary air can be controlled with a single lever.

Transport and installation of wood burning stoves

Transport to you is provided for free. We can arrange professional installation for you.

Kde najdu prodejce

It heats up the space

200 m3


glass, iron

Surface treatment

special smokeless paint


cast iron

Closing system

double locking for better tightness


Airbox – single-lever control of primary and secondary air

Heat storage


External air supply


Secondary burn


Upper/Rear outlet



75,1 %

Regulated output

5–8 kW


1 195 mm


582 mm


426 mm


426 mm


152 kg

Smoke extraction

150 mm

Air supply

100 mm



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