Vela FS

Elliptic stove with elegant drawer.
Glass dimension guarantees beautiful flame view.


  • Can be used in low energy consumption houses
  • Logs of 35 cm can be used
  • Refractory material in burning chamber in white colour
  • Integrated elegant long door handle hidden behind the main door
  • Special smokeless paint on the surface
  • Ready to connect with outside air
  • One handle to operate primary and secondary air
  • Self-closing door system
  • Pair of locks to achieve air tightness





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Detail of product



 Height (mm) 1000
 Width (mm) 537
 Depth (mm)  413
 Weight (kg)  120
 Output (kW)  5,6
 Regulated output (kW)  2,0-6,5
 Efficiency (%)  80,7
 Smoke outlet Ø (mm)  150
 Central air intake Ø (mm)  100
 Draught (Pa) 12
 Log size (mm)  350




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Declaration of properties (EU) 305/2011


Declaration of conformity



Energy label




Product sheet under regulation EU 2015/1186


Dimension and technical sheet