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Passion Unleashed

Fireplace Inserts

Choose from quality Czech AmbiFire fireplace inserts.

Features of AmbiFire fireplace inserts

Hot-air fireplace inserts

They heat the air in the room directly – by contact with the fireplace insert. No water heat exchanger is used.

Hot-air inserts can be additionally provided with accumulation kits in the form of concrete blocks.

Single- or double-walled firebox

The single-walled firebox consists of a single steel shell. The air heats up more and is able to transfer more heat.

The double-walled firebox consists of two steel shells. This type offers more protection of the surrounding walls against overheating.

Standard components

  • Outdoor air supply connection
  • Grateless firebox made of special refractory concrete blocks
  • Design handle hidden in the door frame
  • Double locking for better tightness of the fireplace insert

Above-standard components

  • Double glazing for better thermal and dirt insulation
  • Air control with a single lever
  • Scratch-resistant cover frame
  • Enclosure from decorative panels
  • Tilting lower door with integrated black glass

FREE delivery

We will deliver your new fireplace insert to you completely FREE OF CHARGE. Or you can pick it up in person.

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